Online Directive

Due to the online conference format, no cancellations or refunds will be given. The organisers are not responsible for problems beyond our control, such as technical problems, weather conditions, health problems, etc.  

By registering, you agree to be registered as a user of the online conference platform where your name and registration status will be visible to other participants in social functions such as chat, messages and comments. This data will only be used by us to enable the functionality of the conference platform and communication during the event, and your data will not be passed on or made available to third parties.  

Registered users will receive the login data for the online platform as soon as it is ready for use (at the earliest 2 days before the event). The registration data is for personal use only and participants are not allowed to pass on their private login data.  

All rights to all digital materials available on the online platform remain with the authors, who are also responsible for the content. It is not permitted to download, share or otherwise make the material available to others, unless otherwise agreed with the author.